Polish Fleet Cup 2021

Finally first sailing in Poland since March 2019! Big cold coming from east locked most of our favorite lakes. What a great 5 days of intense sailing with Polish top sailors crowned with Polish Fleet Cup over a weekend.

Photo: Mazury24.eu

Lots of sailing, from sunrise to sunset every single day. I tried new Moore  mast, new planks and new hull.  Busy period and  no pressure – this is what I needed. And this is what I got. 

Photo: Mazury24.eu

Together with Robert we managed to sail total of 400km. That was fantastic experience. We did great job in optimizing new setup and tuning boat speed. There is still some work to be done but it is more about spending hours in the boat.

I also tested all new 3D printed upgrades and found some of them to fail in cold. Aerodynamic sidestay adjuster worked perfect same as knee steering fixture. A fail happened to aerodynamic mast step shell. I haven’t said a word about it yet but it is coming to the daylight this week. I am sure you will love it.

Foto: Mazury24.eu

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