Caligula Cup 2021

Another challenging weekend on the ice. Caligula Cup is a kind of family business as my father Jurek, the owner or 7-seater Caligula ice yacht powered by Tornado sail and 45HP propeller has published notice of race. Jurek is running this event for teen years already. And each time starting line is filled with icesailing champions. Last weekend was no different.

Jurek & Tomek sailing Caligula, 2003

3 races on day one in a very light breeze. I had to jump out once and give my boat a push to stay in the game. 3cm of frozen slush with 4cm of powder snow on top made it possible to sail with inserts. First time with new setup in such a conditions. Finishing 8, 5, 3 I found it difficult to develop speed to compete in the top. The startegy for that day was to minimize loses as solid breeze was expected on Sunday. I knew with more wind I will have a good chance to recover.

Tomek & Lukasz, Caligula Cup 2021
Caligula Cup 2021

Wind forecast for Sunday was right. 10kt of stable breeze was what I was waiting for. 5 races were scheduled starting at 10AM. I took win in race 4 and 5. Tacking too early on lap 3 of race 6th costed me a win. Race 7 great battle between Lukasz, Karol and myself. Last downwind being in second I felt a wind shifted to the right so I gybed and crossed the finish line a boat lenght in front of Karol. At this point it all came to the last race between me and Karol. I had a great start and strong breeze going to the right. That allowed me to check in first around the weather mark but I was overstood after a gybe and lead changed to Rafal P-254 having Karol right behind me. I overtook Rafal and led till last gybe to the finish line. And again I gybed too late and gave Karol a nice present.

Caligula Cup 2021

Little mistakes in race 6 and 8 would allow me to slip with the win in most of the cases but if you have 12 time world champion right behind your back you have to pay the price. We are very privileged to be able to race in such a highly compeitive fleet where you are punished for every tiny error. This makes our fleet so strong.

Tomek & Karol, Caligula Cup 2021

Can’t wait for next edition of Caligula Cup.

2021 Caligula Cup photos:  Szymon Sikora.