Plank protective pads

This is must have for every plank. It protects the plank against spikes. And there are many ways to do it. Some use rubber, some use all sort of plastics. I like it to offer supreme protection and cool carbon look;)

To build my pads I use:

  • 2 layers of glass biax 300g/m2 +45/-45
  • 2 layers of carbon twill 200g/m2
  • Final width is 30cm.

The outer layer is peel ply. This will leave rough anti slippery surface once you peel it off. 

Notice small wood blocks hanging on both sides serving as weight to bend laminated edges for perfect fit. 

MMA adhesive. Of course!

This is how I press it and wait for adhesive to cure. Wooden block prevents middle part from being lifted as sides are compressed.