Polish Fleet Cup 2021

Finally first sailing in Poland since March 2019! Big cold coming from east locked most of our favorite lakes. What a great 5 days of intense sailing with Polish top sailors crowned with Polish Fleet Cup over a weekend.

Photo: Mazury24.eu

Lots of sailing, from sunrise to sunset every single day. I tried new Moore  mast, new planks and new hull.  Busy period and  no pressure – this is what I needed. And this is what I got. 

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Knee steering fixture

Steering with your knees is nothing unusual. Telescopic type of tiller is straight and requires  additional fixture to be grabbed by the knees. This is just another idea of how it could be done. This piece od DN jewelery is 3D printed with carbon fibre filament making it very strong and super light with only 34 grams (1.2 oz).

This particular fixture is designed for 34mm in diameter tiller pipe but can be customized to any desired cross section. In my case it is used for Vaiko Vooremaa’s hull.

Email me for details.