DN planks are made in vacuum infusion. Combination of carefully selected wood, high modulus glass reinforcement, epoxy and post curing process guarantee sustainable quality in every single piece.

Planks are customized to fit sailor’s weight.

Available as:

Ready for action, including:

+ Silver Fox generation 2 chocks in 26 or 27mm

+ white paint

Price 1.850 EUR


+ plank cover +100 EUR,

+ custom color +120EUR

Infused plank core, including:

+ infused plank core customized to fit sailor’s weight

+ edges roughly trimmed, no surface works

Price 1.600 EUR


+ chocks +300 EUR

+ plank cover +100 EUR

Carbon fibre look protective pads.

This is must have for every plank. It protects the plank against spikes. And there are many ways to do it. Some use rubber, some use all sort of plastics. I like it to offer supreme protection and cool carbon look;)

Pads are custom build to fit a specific plank. There is no possibility to order pads without ordering plank.

Price: 100EUR

Chock protector.

A block of wood to fit into the Silver Fox Generation 2 chock. 

It extends approx. 5mm around the chock thus protecting the chock against mechanical damages. 

Made of ash or oak. Clear coated.

Price: 60EUR for a set (2 pieces).