Polish Championships 2021

Finaly sweet taste of victory! Consistent sailing in the top paid dividend. It was a big challenge to free up  my head from all bad emotions after epic fails in Warsaw Cup. I knew that in order to win any event I need to win with myself first. An extra week of no sailing helped a lot as well.

Photo: Gwidon Libera
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Warsaw Cup 2021

It was a painful experience on day one of Warsaw Cup. I was in the lead in race 1 and 4 and finished both after two laps. What happened? I have no idea. For sure I put a big smile on many faces including myself. The rest was just fine. Boat speed was great. It was a narrow 1.8km long race course forcing multiple maneuvers and unconventional strategies due to shifty winds.

Photo: R. Nowakowski
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Caligula Cup 2021

Another challenging weekend on the ice. Caligula Cup is a kind of family business as my father Jurek, the owner or 7-seater Caligula ice yacht powered by Tornado sail and 45HP propeller has published notice of race. Jurek is running this event for teen years already. And each time starting line is filled with icesailing champions. Last weekend was no different.

Jurek & Tomek sailing Caligula, 2003
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Polish Fleet Cup 2021

Finally first sailing in Poland since March 2019! Big cold coming from east locked most of our favorite lakes. What a great 5 days of intense sailing with Polish top sailors crowned with Polish Fleet Cup over a weekend.

Photo: Mazury24.eu

Lots of sailing, from sunrise to sunset every single day. I tried new Moore  mast, new planks and new hull.  Busy period and  no pressure – this is what I needed. And this is what I got. 

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R3 & R4 Sweden

Photo: Richard Strom

Great ice and great sailing conditions but no wind. The attempt to sail both events failed due to no wind. We manage to sail only 3 races in R3. Surprisingly I managed to win the regatta using the stiffest mast. And in order to make mast work I also reinforced my plank just before the event. The reinforcement was fundamental: initial bend was 48mm and ended up in 42mm. This operation forced mast to work more which was cruicial in light air. Racing in very light breeze with consisten 2, 2, 3 was big challenge. Usually light sailors have big edge on 90+ like myself. I also used a new hull that worked well. The next stop: WC/EC.

Training camp in Sweden 29.12.19-5.1.20


What a great opening of the season.  At least in the last 10-15 years i don’t recollect a situation with 7 days sailed out of 7 day stay. 100%. Black ice. 500km+ sailed. 

I managed to test soft and stiff mast together with different planks. Some interesting conclusions and new to-do list. 

Waiting for ice in Europe.