Warsaw Cup 2021

It was a painful experience on day one of Warsaw Cup. I was in the lead in race 1 and 4 and finished both after two laps. What happened? I have no idea. For sure I put a big smile on many faces including myself. The rest was just fine. Boat speed was great. It was a narrow 1.8km long race course forcing multiple maneuvers and unconventional strategies due to shifty winds.

Photo: R. Nowakowski

Day two was in strong breeze (14kt base). I had all my starts to the right while left was very much favored and it was hard to finish in the top. Super fast sailing was limiting the options to seek for any tactics. I checked two boat trims and non of them was fast enough. Or maybe I was out of phase. Definitely not my day. Jarek Radzki won day 2 and the event. What a great speed he had. 

Photo: Jurek Zakrzewski
Photo: Jurek Zakrzewski

The competition level is so high that I have the impression that boat speed of top 20 sailors is identical. Therefore hours spent in the boat will pay dividends.

Photo: Jurek Zakrzewski

Polish Championship scheduled for next weekend.

Warsaw Cup 2021 final standings:

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