Lumber time!

Situatiuon with lumber is very tight. I wanted to make sure that I am the first one to put my hands on fresh delivery. 

Best runner planks start with best lumber.  Therefore I always show up with my own scale. I weight every board and caclulate density.  Te goal is to pick up the lightest wood. Lightest boards are used for planks for very light sailors. In other words low density wood allows more glass reinforcement. This is critical for all saliors below 75kg.

Lumber for runner planks

For my runner plank projects I use samba wood (AKA abachi).  The lightest plank core I’ve ever made was 2,35kg and heaviest was almost 5kg! In average core before infusion weights 3,5-3,7kg. That’s quie a difference and careful selection makes a lot of sense.