Aerodynamic sidestay adjuster

Covid kept me locked for 14 days. This is a side effect of having extra time. And this is not the only project I’ve beed working on 😉

At speeds greater than 100kmh aerodynamics start to play a role. This is my upgrade for sidestays adjuster. 3D modeled and printed shell accomodates standard adjuster. Vinyl carbon foil adds a great look.

And this is how it’s made:

Plank protective pads

This is must have for every plank. It protects the plank against spikes. And there are many ways to do it. Some use rubber, some use all sort of plastics. I like it to offer supreme protection and cool carbon look;)

To build my pads I use:

  • 2 layers of glass biax 300g/m2 +45/-45
  • 2 layers of carbon twill 200g/m2
  • Final width is 30cm.

The outer layer is peel ply. This will leave rough anti slippery surface once you peel it off. 

Notice small wood blocks hanging on both sides serving as weight to bend laminated edges for perfect fit. 

MMA adhesive. Of course!

This is how I press it and wait for adhesive to cure. Wooden block prevents middle part from being lifted as sides are compressed. 

DN Tech Talk | 04 vacuum bagging tips

The next DNTT04 is out! This time few tips and ideas for those of you, who would like to start or master vacuum bagging technology. 

All my planks since very beginning are made in vacuum infusion which is a level up process compared to vacuum bagging. Highest quality and consistent results are possible thanks to controlled process. 

However vacuum bagging is the best method to modify your plank. Vacuum helps to press wet layers of reinforcement and evacuate excess resin from your laminate if you try to stiffen the plank. This is a must know method if you think about modifying your plank bend characteristic.

The plank

100 clips compilation about essential moments in making DN runner plank shot over a busy week. Feels almost unreal.

Runner plank plays a key role in developing top speed of an ice boat.

Mastering plank build up

Building runner planks started for me 10 years ago. This year I will complete plank no. 57. A lot of experience gained over last decade. Some fails and some designs that never saw the ice –  awaiting for longer winter allowing time to test. 

Runner plank vacuum bagging

Today afternoon I challenged myself with simultaneous vacuum bagging of 5 planks.  I use bagging for stiffening planks. In this year’s batch two planks are stiffened for junior sailors, one for myself and the other two for friends who gained a little during lock down 😉 My feeling is that with next lock down there may be more requests for vacuum bagging 😉 

Woodworking in icesailing

Woodworking in icesailing projects is the most pleasing part.  Starting from lumber selection, touching the nature, cutting, bonding, bending, shaping.  Wood creates unique smell in your shop. And then BANG! You open epoxy hardener and magic is gone.