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Edge reinforcement

This picture represents damaged leading edge of the plank. As you see the damage happened right under the hull section when the plank under load is closest to the ice surface.  Sometimes the weather forms frozen ice and snow. If you hit it sailing at full speed it can be pretty dangerous.  Airfoil planks are shaped to have  narrow or close to sharp leading and trailing edge.  When hit by a hard body they may suffer. But this is nothing new.

To minimize the risk I have implemented following modification to my 2022-2023 planks:

  • both edges have small approx. 3mm radius
  • both edges are extra reinforced with glass tape

This should help in case of low and medium impact situations however I strongly advice  to stay away from all kind of obstacles.

Sail safe. 

Here it starts!

The time has came. Sailors from Canada, USA, Sweden, Finland, Germany and Poland were waiting for this moment. And here it starts. Samba cores are being trimmed to final lenght. Preps for rest of the weekend and first infusion probably on Monday/Tuesday. 
All planks have to be completed before first batch of masts arrive.

Autoclave is not cooling down.

Moore Bro. autoclave is not cooling down. Mid of summer is full focus on winter projects. First big batch of 2021 winning design full carbon masts  by Moore Bro. and Jeff Kent is getting ready for shipment. Santa is coming early this year 😉

Moth is a great fun

I spent over 50 hrs improving all key controls on my moth. It was very frustrating not to be able to foil due to all kind of technical fails. Question was either sell it all and forget or fix and enjoy. I decided to fix it. So boat was disassembled and new controls installed. And great fun from foiling started. See the happy sailor!

Lumber time!

Situatiuon with lumber is very tight. I wanted to make sure that I am the first one to put my hands on fresh delivery. 

Best runner planks start with best lumber.  Therefore I always show up with my own scale. I weight every board and caclulate density.  Te goal is to pick up the lightest wood. Lightest boards are used for planks for very light sailors. In other words low density wood allows more glass reinforcement. This is critical for all saliors below 75kg.

Lumber for runner planks

For my runner plank projects I use samba wood (AKA abachi).  The lightest plank core I’ve ever made was 2,35kg and heaviest was almost 5kg! In average core before infusion weights 3,5-3,7kg. That’s quie a difference and careful selection makes a lot of sense. 

Secret 3M adhesive film revealed!

My first DN Tech Talk was about shimming runners. I used 2 different double sided tapes. One of them was very special because of thickness. I received a lot of questions about what type of tape it was and I was not able to answer them because simply it was not written. Now I had to reorder this product again and the name is there!!! The magic product is 3M 467MP. If fact it is not double sided tape because double sided tape is core material covered with ahesive film on both sides.  467MP is adhesive film, no core. Therefore it is 0.05mm in thickness only!

3M 467MP adhesive film for ultra thin shims

Preps for Swedish Championship 2022

I am going to say good bye to 2021-2022 season in Swedish Championship. There is no more sailable ice in Poland and the only opportunity to enjoy icesailing and racing is in Sweden next weekend. 

If you thought that there is no motivation to sail in last event of the season you are very wrong.  I am working on my runner program to change couple of things. Main goal is to apply shorter crown to most of my runners. 

This picture was taken on our way back from Worlds/Europeans. This was first stop overnight at random parking in Sweden. We cooled down runners in snow to measure Robert’s winning runners and compare them with mine. 

We measured couple of other sets as well. The conclusion was simple: I have to shorten the crown on some of my runners down to max 20in. And I completed this today.  Waiting for ferry on Wednesday.